123M GROUP is an advertising and publishing company.  We provide advertising services for more than 200 merchants. 

Our clients offer a variety of products and services to include legal, financial, insurance, health, education, entertainment, and many more services.

Some of our clients are household brand names, some are Fortune 500 companies and publicly traded on the stock market.

Let's face the truth, every business is looking for the latest edge that will skyrocket their sales overnight.

While no single advertising tactic is perfect, one of the most promising strategies for our clients to increase sales and revenue is communicating with a potential consumer over the phone.

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123M Group will promote your company locally and globally using mobile,bluetooth online and offline solutions. Buyers contact your organization.  Our strategy reflects on your ROI.
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We Advertise For Merchants Using Toll Free 800 Numbers.  

"Call (888-888-8888) And Get A Super Fast Quote"
Merchants Realize Consumers Are Willing To Call And Talk To A Real Person About Purchasing Their Product Or Service. 

People Are Already Holding A Phone In Their Hand, So Calling Is Easy!
Prospects Talk To A Real Person When They Call Our Clients Using A Toll Free Number.
Our Clients Are Happy!

In Most Cases, When A Prospect Calls A Merchants’ Phone Number, The Phone Call Is More Likely To Convert Into A Sale.
Our Team Members Are Handsomely Rewarded For Generating Inbound Calls!
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